The Many Benefits Of Massage

When it comes to body massage, it’s always best to consider the result you are looking for to determine which massage is best for you.

Young Children In The Salon

We love children, between us all at Truly Scrumptious we have a few. But, in the beauty salon environment, they can create two key problems for us and we want to share them with you because it’s [...]

A Different Kind Of Eye Test

Your eyes are the window to your soul, so they say, and in the salons we offer a range of treatments to enhance this glorious feature of your fabulous face. But, we have to take care to make sure [...]

Growing Out Split Nails

Upset that your natural nails split very low down and you struggle to hold on to the nail? Here's some advice.

Motherly Advice From Eve Taylor

At a recent beauty show, I was stood chatting to Eve Taylor about headaches I was getting when she turned around and gave me some advice regarding my lymph drainage.