How To Treat Spots

A video explanation of why you shouldn't squeeze your spots. Claire uses diagrams to explain what happens to the skin

The Benefits Of Skin Exfoliation

Exfoliation is one of the most important parts of your home skincare routine, helping with skin problems as well as increasing blood circulation.

Home Skincare Regime

Looking after your skin will leave you looking and feeling fantastic. Here is our simple 3 step skincare guide for great looking skin.

Is Your Oily Skin Actually Dehydrated?

Have you got oily skin and no matter how much you cleanse it just won't go away? You are eating healthily and drinking water and still your face remains oily and you get the odd outbreak of spots.

Sun, Perfume and Hyperpigmentation

A client came to the salon recently suffering from dark patches behind her ears despite a good skincare regime. After her consultation, the cause came to light...

Winter Skincare Tips

Advice for the changing seasons and the need to adapt your skincare routine to make sure your skin does not suffer in cold weather.