Using A Sunbed To Prepare Your Skin for Sun

One of the key reasons people use our sunbeds is to prepare their skin for sun - usually a holiday. A planned course of sunbed tanning can take away the shock of getting off the plane and [...]

Safe Sunbed Tanning

People are divided on sunbeds, are they good or bad? We take the view that if you are sensible about the way you use them, they are no harm, and we can advise you on how to get the best end result.

Sun, Perfume and Hyperpigmentation

A client came to the salon recently suffering from dark patches behind her ears despite a good skincare regime. After her consultation, the cause came to light...

Looking Bronzed For An Autumn Wedding

What do you do if you have been invited to a wedding during the Autumn but want to look bronzed just in case the weather is nice enough to get your legs out?